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IP Infusion Releases OcNOS 6.4

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IP Infusion, a leading provider of open network software, has released OcNOS 6.4 with a range of new features and enhancements for both service providers and data center operators. The new release also expands IP Infusion’s hardware offerings to better meet customer needs.

The latest GA release introduces a range of significant enhancements that bolster network resilience, visibility, security, and performance. Enhanced network resilience is achieved through improved load balancing and microloop avoidance mechanisms, which enhance network reliability and reduce the risk of outages. The release also introduces improved failover mechanisms, including the EVPN active standby mode and support for a one-to-one detour RSVP FRR failover ring topology, minimizing downtime and maximizing service delivery.

Additionally, OcNOS 6.4 simplifies configuration capabilities, streamlining network management and reducing operational complexity. Security is strengthened with robust enhancements such as NetConf port access control and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), safeguarding the network from unauthorized access and cyber threats. The release also boosts performance through advanced error-handling capabilities and breakout support on 400G ports, optimizing network performance and enhancing overall throughput.

This release introduces support for the following platforms:

Edgecore AS9716-32D:

The Edge-Core AS9716-32D DCS510 is a high-performance ONIE spine switch with 32x 400GbE QSFP-DD ports, powered by the Broadcom Tomahawk 3 ASIC.

UfiSpace S8901-54XC: