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Edge-Core Networks

Edge-Core delivers open networking solutions, leveraging merchant silicon and software from the industry's ecosystem of top vendors.

Pioneering the Future of Open Networking

Edge-Core Networks is a trailblazer in open networking and enterprise wired/wireless networking. Their overarching goal is to deliver cutting-edge connectivity solutions that enable customers and partners to achieve more. What sets Edge-Core apart is their unparalleled flexibility in doing business. Their open networking approach empowers customers with greater control over their networking infrastructure. With Edge-Core, customers can select the business model and networking technology elements that best suit their needs. This approach democratizes access to advanced networking technologies, making them accessible even to small organizations. Whether it’s hardware, firmware, platform drivers, or network operating system (NOS) software, Edge-Core delivers industry-leading products and solutions that keep customers at the forefront of their industries.

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A Leader in Open Networking

Edge-Core Networks offers open networking solutions built on open hardware and software platforms, providing customers with greater control, choice, and innovation opportunities. By contributing to open-source communities such as OCP, ONF, TIP, DENT, and SONiC, Edge-Core is at the forefront of the open networking movement. This approach lowers total cost of ownership, stimulates new business models, and empowers customers to achieve their goals.

Edge-Core strives to deliver complete, professional-grade wired and wireless solutions that enable customers to fully leverage the potential of digital networks. Their broad product portfolio spans switching (from 1G to 400G), enterprise-level wireless, and network management tools, all designed to meet our customers’ needs across different market segments. They provide industry-leading products for network infrastructure, data center switches, core switches, access switches, and indoor/outdoor wireless access points, all with a focus on generating value for our customers.

Edge-Core champions open networking by delivering freedom, control, and innovation through a flexible approach, empowering organizations of all sizes to access cutting-edge networking technologies with ease and cost efficiency.

Why Edge-Core?

Get versatile and cost-effective open networking and enterprise solutions, including switches, optics, and hardened software.

Freedom of Choice
Choose your hardware and software based on your needs.

Reduced Cost
Get significant CapEx and OpEx savings over traditional networking.

Faster Innovation
Innovate faster with a DevOps and community approach.

Reduce costs and save time with automated rollouts and operations.

How Can Hardware Nation Help You Succeed?

Edge-Core and disaggregated networking can be a game changer for your organization, but realizing its full value requires a trusted partner. Our team of vendor-neutral experts can offer guidance and assess whether Edge-Core is appropriate for your organization’s unique needs. We are partnered with industry-leading open networking vendors, and our prior real-world experience implementing open networking solutions enables us to identify the best solutions based on prior use cases. We guide customers through every stage of the implementation process, from discovery to consultation, roadmap creation, adoption, implementation, and management. Our experts, with their diverse backgrounds in networking, security, cloud, and other key areas, help determine the most effective approach to implementing an open networking solution, bridging the gap between emerging and traditional technologies. Below are some benefits of working with Hardware Nation:

Leveraging years of open networking and infrastructure experience across diverse industries, we ensure seamless integration across your entire technology stack.

We have deep relationships with the top disaggregate hardware, software, and solutions vendors.

End-to-End Networking Solutions
Our team of network architects builds next-gen networks tailored to your unique use case and provides end-to-end solutions from discovery to deployment and management.

Vendor Neutrality
We follow a vendor and technology-agnostic approach to ensure you get the best holistic solution based on your needs.

Open Networking Software Ecosystem

Is Edge-Core right for you?

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