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Edge-Core Networks

Edge-Core Delivers Open Network Hardware, Leveraging Silicon From Top Vendors​​.

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A Leader in Open Networking

Within an ecosystem of commercial partners and open-source communities, Edge-Core Networks delivers networking solutions based on open hardware and software platforms that increase choice, freedom, greater control, encourage and quicken innovation, lower TCO, and stimulate new business models. Edge-Core delivers leading open network hardware and contributes to open-source communities, including OCP, ONF, TIP, DENT, and Microsoft SONiC.

The underlying philosophy of Edgecore Networks is to provide professional wired and wireless solutions from the edge to the core. With a strong focus on complete solutions that generate value for customers and assist with realizing the potential of a digital-network society, Edgecore Networks offers a broad product portfolio spanning 400G/100G/40G/10G/1G switching, enterprise-level wireless, and network management tools. We provide industry-leading products that address our customers’ network requirements in different market segments from network infrastructure, data center switches, core switches, access switches, and indoor/outdoor wireless access points.

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Benefits of Edge-Core Open Network Hardware

Edge-Core networking hardware is usually well-liked by network engineers and administrators alike as it gives them the freedom to choose what hardware and software make up their network.

Freedom of Choice

Choose your hardware and software based on your needs.

Reduced Cost

Significant CapEx and OpEx savings over traditional networking.

Faster Innovation

Innovate faster with a DevOps and community approach.


Reduce costs and save time with automated rollouts and operations.

Edge-Core and Hardware Nation

Open networking solutions enable efficiency and faster innovation across your organization, but realizing its full value requires a trusted partner. Our team of specialists and partners have the experience, expertise, and objectivity to help you with virtually any open networking questions. Our specialists can help your organization select, deploy and manage Edge-Core technologies that drive your business. Our hands-on specialists are up to date on the latest certifications, trends, and industry insight.

Tech Support

Pre-sales & after-sales technical support


Our specialists are eager to help determine your needs.


We have the ability to custom configure in-house.


We will get you product documents and testing data.

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See What Our Customers are Saying

See What Our Customers are Saying

Amazing company and people to work with. They understand your needs based on your requirements. They were phenomenal in providing the support and assistance we needed for our DC hardware. I highly recommend them as a vendor/supplier for white box networking sales, support, and services.

Indra Mondal, Senior Network Engineer, Kudelski Group

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