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Network Operating Systems

Open Network Operating Systems provide a customizable and open platform for managing network infrastructure. These software systems are designed to run on white box switches and offer greater flexibility, automation, scalability, and lower cost when compared to traditional proprietary vendors.

The most popular popular Open-Source Open Network Operating System is the Software for SONiC, which is available as a free download. SONiC has become a popular choice for large organizations seeking an open ecosystem for their network infrastructure and as it matures, is becoming popular with organizations of sizes. While the open-source version of SONiC is available for free, organizations can also obtain a hardened version of SONiC from vendors like Edge-Core, who offer the NOS itself for free and offer support as a separate purchase. These hardened versions of SONiC offer additional features specific to the platform and are suitable for use in production environments.

In addition to SONiC, there are several commercial Open Network Operating Systems available, including IP Infusion OcNOS, Pica8 PICOS, and NVIDIA Cumulus Linux. These systems provide a range of features for network automation, scalability, visibility, and lower cost, making them a popular choice for organizations seeking greater control and customization over their network infrastructure.

Companies like Aviz Networks also provide support and management services for Open Network Operating Systems, helping organizations to identify and resolve issues quickly. Aviz Networks’ SONiC focused platform provides vendor-agnostic visibility into an organization’s entire network, making it easier to provision, manage and troubleshoot your network.

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