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Reduce costs & deploy faster with Pica8 PICOS® automation NOS.

A Leader In Open Networking Software

Pica8 revolutionizes the enterprise networking landscape by giving businesses the freedom to create networks tailored to their unique needs, breaking away from the constraints of proprietary, closed, and costly infrastructures. Embracing the future of open networking, Pica8 offers unmatched control, enabling companies to deploy desired solutions on their own terms. Cost-efficient plug-and-play components, coupled with end-to-end automation, dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership while enhancing network performance, scalability, and flexibility. With over a decade of experience in designing, deploying, and supporting disaggregated networks, Pica8’s Linux-based open networking tools transform even the most complex networks into secure and easy-to-manage systems. Flagship products, PicOS and AmpCon, empower businesses to take control of their network infrastructure, delivering a more resilient, programmable, and scalable networking operating system (NOS) at a lower TCO, while simplifying network automation at scale through a user-friendly interface. Below are some key benefits of Pica8.

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Enhanced Performance
Experience unprecedented scalability, flexibility, reliability, and efficiency in your network infrastructure, promoting innovation and diverse options through competitive solutions tailored to your needs.

Cost Optimization
Significantly lower your total cost of ownership with economically viable plug-and-play components coupled with a highly automated, programmable, and transparent network infrastructure.

Unparalleled Control
Liberate your business from the constraints and delays imposed by traditional networking vendors, empowering you to implement the precise solutions you need at the most opportune moments.

Hardware Freedom
Select from an extensive array of switch hardware vendors, such as Edge-Core, Dell, and Delta Networks, allowing you to customize your networking ecosystem to align with your specific requirements.

Pica8 empowers businesses with cost-efficient, highly scalable, and flexible open networking solutions, revolutionizing the enterprise landscape with its expertise in network disaggregation and automation.

How Can Hardware Nation Help You Succeed?

Pica8 can be a game changer for your organization, but realizing its full value requires a trusted partner. Our team of vendor-neutral experts can offer guidance and assess whether Pica8 is appropriate for your organization’s unique needs. We are partnered with industry-leading open networking vendors, and our prior real-world experience implementing open networking solutions enables us to identify the best solutions based on prior use cases. We guide customers through every stage of the implementation process, from discovery to consultation, roadmap creation, adoption, implementation, and management. Our experts, with their diverse backgrounds in networking, security, cloud, and other key areas, help determine the most effective approach to implementing an open networking solution, bridging the gap between emerging and traditional technologies. Below are some benefits of working with Hardware Nation:

Leveraging years of open networking and infrastructure experience across diverse industries, we ensure seamless integration across your entire technology stack.

We have deep relationships with the top disaggregate hardware, software, and solutions vendors.

End-to-End Networking Solutions
Our team of network architects builds next-gen networks tailored to your unique use case and provides end-to-end solutions from discovery to deployment and management.

Vendor Neutrality
We follow a vendor and technology-agnostic approach to ensure you get the best holistic solution based on your needs.

Our Strategic Hardware Partners

Pica8 Resources

Pica8 Backgrounder

Pica8 is the global market leader in automated open networking solutions.

Pica8 Data Sheet

The only two-in-one NOS coupling full enterprise support with “classic” SDN.

Improving Overlay Solutions

Improving overlay solutions with hardware-based VXLAN termination.

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