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5 Key Features of Proactive EDR

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Most endpoint security simply doesn’t offer the protection and detection intelligence you need to stop advanced threats in their tracks. Learn the non-negotiables for an effective EDR solution and how Cortex XDR goes beyond security standards. This infographic, created by Palo Alto Networks, explains how Palo Alto ensures an effective EDR solution. 

This infographic has been transcribed below. 

5 Key Features of Proactive EDR

Learn the non-negotiables for an effective EDR solution and how Cortex XDR 

Most endpoint security simply doesn’t offer the protection and detection intelligence you need to stop advanced threats in their tracks.

81% of businesses have experienced an attack involving some form of malware (a common way to attack endpoints).

Almost two-thirds of security teams still rely on legacy endpoint security solutions, like antivirus tools and endpoint protection platforms, which limit their ability to gather rich endpoint data for detection, investigation, and response.

How do you find effective endpoint security in a market that’s flooded with options?

How do you figure out which vendor has the data expertise to deliver superior threat detection capabilities? Especially capabilities that span across your security infrastructure rather than only for a specific use case (such as endpoint)? 

Building Blocks of an Effective Endpoint Security Solution

(1) A
dvanced Threat Prevention


Traditional antivirus solutions that rely on signature databases and updates can’ t keep up with the growing volume of new threats. Advanced solutions must help you stay ahead of today’s pervasive threat landscape. 

lock exploits by technique, block malware files by using machine learning, and look across multiple behaviors to stop malicious behavior. 

There are an estimated 450,000 new instances of malware registered every day.

Understanding Detection Quality

It is important to evaluate the types of threats detected and the technology and techniques used for detection. Doing so helps your SOC teams gain insight into contextual technical details and adversary behavior in order to take swift, appropriate action. 

Refer to independent tests such as the MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations to help assess detection coverage. 

Analytics & Machine Learning Help Identify Malware and Block Stealthy Threats 

Machine Learning 

Behavioral Analytics 

Artificial Intelligence 

Prevent Known & Unknown Threats 

Superior Detection Capabilities

Detection capabilities are essential for a robust defense against sophisticated and potentially damaging threats.

51% of IT professionals consider endpoint attacks to be successful because their endpoint security solutions aren’t effective enough at threat detection.

The best way to detect and respond to threats at the endpoint is with: rich data collection, sophisticated query functions for threat hunting, as well as advanced response functions. Utilizing data analytics techniques, such as machine learning behavioral models, derived from world-class threat intelligence sources, should not only feed your detectors but also your automated prevention capabilities.

3) Simplified Investigation & Response

Complex systems can lead to time-consuming investigations and slow response times.

Efficient EDR solutions can include approaches to threat identification and response like causality analysis and risk scoring. Coupling these approaches with automation helps simplify investigations and reduce response times, giving you a complete picture with rich investigative details. 

17% of alerts go uninvestigated, regardless of severity, with false positives also contributing to the number of ignored alerts.

Simplified Deployment & Management 

Disjointed tools force analysts to pivot from console to console to investigate incidents, resulting in slow investigations and missed attacks.

Effective EDR solutions make it possible for you to maximize productivity through a platform that includes endpoint policy management, de tection, investigation, and response in a single management console.

73% of IT operations believe maintaining endpoint OS and application versions is the most difficult endpoint configuration management task.

Industry Validation & Independent Testing

Real-world third-party testing and a proven performance record are reliable markers of the best EDR solutions in the market. 

Seek out solutions that are highly regarded, with proven performance through third-party testing, analyst validation, and customer testimonials. You can also request a demo or production environment to test for interoperability, integration, and organizational fit. 

Never Settle for Less Than the Best

Cortex XDR is a proactive approach to threat detection and response that:

• Delivers visibility across networks, clouds, identity, and endpoints
Applies analytics and automated root cause analysis to threats
Simplifies security operations to cut mean time to respond (MTTR)
Lowers costs by consolidating tools and improving SOC efficiency

Hardware Nation is an authorized dealer of Palo Alto Networks. Together, Hardware Nation and Palo Alto Networks can help protect your systems from cyber threats. 

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