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NVIDIA Cumulus NetQ

Get real time visibility, troubleshooting, and validation of your Cumulus and SONiC fabrics.


NetQ is a modern network operations toolset that gives network administrators visibility, trouble shooting, validation, and other benefits for data center networks. With NVIDIA’s acquisition of Cumulus Networks comes the new and improved NVIDIA NetQ. The latest version eases deployment and maintenance activities for data center networks with new configurations, performance, and security improvements.

With a single GUI interface, customers will get real-time visibility, troubleshooting, and monitoring of their Mellanox switches running Cumulus Linux, SONiC OS, or other open NOS. Network operators often struggle with operational challenges, such as network disruption caused by maintenance and configuration changes, and simple misconfigurations can have a significant impact on operator workloads. Furthermore, business networks are often fairly large and complex, which means the set of tasks a network administrator will need to perform can quickly overwhelm manual efforts. This requires a shift, not only to modern networking, but also to modern operational tools as well.

Dedicated NVIDIA NetQ Specialists

NVIDIA NetQ enables efficiency & faster innovation across your organization, but realizing its full value requires a trusted partner. Contact our specialists for pre-sales support, recommendations, assessments, and industry insight. We have a close relationship with NVIDIA and years of experience. You can count on our team to accurately and quickly assess your needs.

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NVIDIA NetQ Benefits

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Get Real-Time Intelligence

Correlate configuration & operational status, & identify & track state changes for your entire data center.

Reduce Downtime

Optimize operations with quick alerts, faster troubleshooting, and proactive detection.

Streamline Upgrades & Configurations

Experience push-button simplicity for network management with NetQ's intuitive GUI.

Diagnose Root Causes

Trace network paths, replay the network state at any time in the past, review fabric-wide event change logs, and diagnose the root cause of state deviation.

Remediate Faster

Detect faulty network states and get alerts with precise fault location data.

Remove Complexity

Simplify operations and increase operator efficiency by quickly highlighting issues through visualizations and alerts.

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Amazing company and people to work with. They understand your needs based on your requirements. They were phenomenal in providing the support and assistance we needed for our DC hardware. I highly recommend them as a vendor/supplier for white box networking sales, support, and services.

Indra Mondal, Senior Network Engineer, Kudelski Group

NVIDIA Cumulus Networks Resources


A toolset for real-time visibility, troubleshooting, and monitoring.

NVIDIA Cumulus Linux NOS

A flexible, open network operating system for Spectrum switches.

What Makes Cumulus Linux Unique?

Read an Ebook about the differentiators of Cumulus Linux.

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