Supply chain constraints may cause shipping delays and price instability.
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Supply Chain Constraints Message

Industry-wide supply chain constraints are persisting, resulting in longer delivery times and price increases. We recommend placing orders as quickly as possible to mitigate these constraints. 1. Please act quickly to minimize the time between receiving a quote and placing an order. 2. Work with your account manager to forecast your needs at least six […]

How Edgecore Networks Became a Leader in Open Networking

Open networking is growing in popularity and is helping to transform IT deployment. In fact, open networking has become so popular, in some circles it’s being considered the new normal. Open networks is based on switching hardware and software that is completely open source. By not forcing companies to purchase from a particular vendor, businesses […]

From Traditional to Open Networking – What Matters Most When Making a Transition

Buying a data center switch for your network can be a complicated task. However, if you can get some clear answers to these questions below, you will be one step closer. • What kind of devices will you be connecting?• What is your budget?• What level of skills do you have in house to deploy […]

Our Response to Covid19

As Covid19 continues to impact all our lives in unprecedented ways, we understand that our customers are experiecing considerable challenges. The wellbeing of our staff and communities is our top priority. We have implemented a variety of measures meausures to to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, protect the health and safetfy of our staff, […]