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Our Capabilities

From advanced engineering to rack integration, we can provide you with a single point of contact for all your IT needs. Below is a list of services we provide.

Advanced Engineering Services

Get your new technologies implemented quickly using best practices. In partnership with OEMs, our team of engineers help our clients reduce cost and support their infrastructure with our on-demand IT staff. With decades of engineering experience with hardware, software, and cloud, you can be sure you will be dealing with a team that knows these technologies inside and out. Learn more about our advanced engineering services.

Datacenter Infrastructure Services

Working with our OEM partners along with our decades of experience, you can be sure our team of engineers will help you develop a datacenter that will be efficient, cost effective, secure, and scalable. Our goal is to bring clarity and simplicity to a complex design and deployment process. Below are the core services our team of engineers can assist you with. Learn more about our datacenter infrastructure services.

Global Logistics

With over a decade of experience, Hardware Nation has formed strategic alliances with shipping partners, logistics companies, distributors, and manufacturers, to provide the most efficient shipping process possible. We are constantly listening to our customers and adapting quickly to meet their needs. Our logistics experts take extra care on each shipment by completing all required documents while consulting with our shipping and freight partners. Learn more about our global logistics services.

IoT & Edge Solutions Services

IoT and edge solutions will allow your organization to better connect, share, process, and store data in real time. In conjunction with our OEM partners, our experienced team of engineers can help your organization achieve an IoT powered business that can give your organization a competitive edge. Learn more about our IoT & edge solutions services.

Lifecycle Services

Let our team protect your investment through the entire IT lifecycle of your hardware. We can help with everything from setting it up, maintained, upgrades, and eventually remarketed. Spend more time focused on growing your business and let our team handle your IT asset management. Learn more about our lifecycle services.

Rack Integration

Stay focused on business and let our team do the heavy lifting. We can manage the design, build, and deployment of your datacenter infrastructure. Along with our partners, our experienced team of engineers is standing by and ready to help you with a comprehensive infrastructure strategy that will accelerate your organization. Learn more about our rack integration services.

Warranty Services

When you invest in new technology you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Most manufacturers offer standard warranties, but oftentimes they are limited in scope, short in length, have a slow response time, or do not meet the needs of our clients in other ways. To help our clients better protect their investment we offer extended warranties, hardware support & maintenance, maintenance contracts, and general simplified support. Our customer will not only be covered for any hardware issues but will also get timely responses from our engineering and support team. Learn more about our warranty services.